ASC was founded in 2009 in Chesterton IN, in the beginning we were an affiliate gym - the first in the area. We spent a majority of that time becoming more proficient and frankly just better at the whole gym thing. As our views on training started to change, thanks to continued study of the Westside Methods, we buttoned up that phase of the gym in 2010 and "reopened" the next day as ASC. 


After about 2 years of work, we hit the radar at Westside Barbell. Shortly after some evaluation and proving our metal, we received the stamp of approval from Louie Simmons and Tom Barry and became a Westside Barbell Certified Gym, one of 12 on the planet. To most it's a simple sticker in the window, but to us it's quite the badge of honor. The continued efforts of APPLYING the Westside Methods to athletics also lead to Jason working full time for Westside Barbell as both a staff member and a member of the Westside Barbell Seminar Team. 


We have been doing this a LONG time, at the same location. The buzz words and fad stuff will always come and go, we just don't want anything to do with it. The critics have continued to express their opinions about us, attempted to replicate what we do, and then eventually just go away. We only focus on what we are doing, getting better at it, and helping folks get stronger and a maybe a bit healthier.


 Humility and learning often trump vanity and self promotion... we stick to reading books by old time Russian dudes instead of claiming to be the newest and the best.


There's no flashy marketing strategy, no sales or perks to membership, the than some weights, and some smart people that know what to do with them, we don't even have a sign. Our entire philosophy is that the right people find this place, and the dedicated will stay and become one of us. We train and encourage the Westside Methods, our workouts are derived from those principles, but our members are free to train as they see fit. The world of athletics is far too vast for us to claim one workout will make everyone better, and i HATE classes. This is why we have a wide variety of specialty equipment specifically designed to eliminate weaknesses and muscular imbalances in the individual body. It is highly recommended that you use these machines and bars regularly in conjunction with the daily training. (I could've bought a damn Tesla at this point, but instead i chose gym equipment, freaking use it!)


Everyone is welcome to join here, there is no performance minimum, at the same time there is very little hand holding. In here you are expected to become self sufficient over time so that you can help others within our walls improve their game as well. If you aren't adding value to the gym you are taking form it... Admittedly it takes a unique individual to call this place home. 


The execution is simple: We focus on strength first, and then condition for sport. 


If you're not turned off yet, feel free to reach out to us on the contact page to set up a visit! if not, no big deal... there are a lot of great places in the area to lift weights or exercise at. ASC is simply our way of doing things.